Starbucks China Peach Blossom 2015

Left to right: Floating Petal Tumbler LL (8oz), Peach Blossom Tumbler SLL (12oz), Peach Blossom Mug (12oz), Peach Scent Mug (12oz)

Left to right: Decent of Season Mug (12oz), Crosby Fragrance Tumbler (16oz), Lovely Embrace Mug To Go Sleeve (8oz), Lovely Embrace Mug To Go Sleeve (12oz)

Left to right: Peach Melody Stainless Steel Tumbler (12oz), Lucy Band Peach Glamor Stainless Steel Tumbler (12oz), Networker Desktop Peach Melody Tumbler (12oz)

Photos: Starbucks China

Starbucks Taiwan Plum/Winter Blossom 2015 Collection

Here’s a preview of Taiwan’s 2015 Winter/Plum Blossom Collection.

From left to right: 16oz Flowering Plum A -PK (450元), 16oz Flowering Plum B- WT (450元), 14oz Winterly Symbol B- PK (400元), 14oz Winterly Symbol A- WT (400元)

From left to right: 14oz Steadfast Symbol A- PK(420元), PL 16oz TW Winterly Symbol Commuter (400元), SS 12oz TW Flowering Plum SS Commuter (1000元), 500mL Thermos SS waterbottle-JNL-500SB (1,400元)

Starbucks Plum Blossom Card (100元)

I’m getting this card from a friend to complete my own collection of Taiwan Plum Blossom cards. I am still contemplating, however, if I would get the whole collection – the design is close to Sakura after all. What do you think? Is the collection pretty?

Photos: Starbucks Taiwan

Starbucks Sakura 2014 Collection: Asia

On February 25th, Starbucks Philippines released their spring collection. Of course, I was among the first ones in the stores when they opened. I was disappointed that not everything in the original collection is available here, as usual. I don’t know why they limit the designs, though, seeing that so many people buy them.

This is my haul. I bought 10 out of the 12 designs. As you can see, they have a lot of mugs this year.

Spring Breeze Mug (P535.00)

Cherry Blossom Floating Mug (P595.00)

Cherry Blossom Floating Mug Wooden Coaster

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Starbucks Sakura 2014: Japan (Preview)

It’s that time of the year again! As you all know, I am a HUGE fan of Starbucks’ Sakura series. It’s the start of my yearly tradition again: collecting tumblers! This year, Sakura series is set to be released on February 15th, just like last year’s. I am here to show you a preview of some of Japan’s merchandise, inluding cards and beverages.

The 2014 Sakura series tumbler and mugs are in brighter colors, reminiscent of cherry blossoms in full bloom. This year’s motif seems to be of mosaics and petals. Here’s a closer look of some:

Sakura 2014 Tumbler 350mL/240mL (¥1,600/¥1,500)

Sakura 2014 Mosaic Tumbler 350mL (¥1,500)

Sakura 2014 Mug 270mL/390mL (¥1,200/¥1,300)

Also, check this out. The petals in the glass turn pink when you pour in cold water. I’ll get a couple of these. They’re really pretty.

Sakura 2014 Glass 350mL (¥1,000)

The Beverage Card and Starbucks Card’s designs also consist of mosaics and petals in shades of vibrant red and hot pink.

Sakura 2014 Beverage Card/Starbucks Card

Lastly, the featured drinks for this year are called “Sakura Chocolate Latte” and “Sakura Chocolate Frappucino.” These beverages are topped with strawberry-flavored shavings, still resembling petals.

I’m really stoked ’cause I will be in Japan later this month! I do have a faint idea what cherry blossom flavor tastes like but I really want to try it in a drink.

That’s about it. Will update you in a week!

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