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26Jan '16

Starbucks China Peach Blossom 2016

Starbucks China exclusive Peach/Plum Blossom/CNY Collection 2016. Release date: January 18,2016 Photos: Starbucks China

14Jan '15

Starbucks China Peach Blossom 2015

Left to right: Floating Petal Tumbler LL (8oz), Peach Blossom Tumbler SLL (12oz), Peach Blossom Mug (12oz), Peach Scent Mug (12oz) Left to right: Decent of Season Mug (12oz), Crosby Fragrance Tumbler (16oz), Lovely Embrace Mug To Go Sleeve (8oz), Lovely Embrace Mug To Go Sleeve (12oz) Left to right: Peach Melody Stainless Steel Tumbler (12oz), Lucy Band Peach GlamorRead More…

13Jan '15

Starbucks Taiwan Plum/Winter Blossom 2015 Collection

Here’s a preview of Taiwan’s 2015 Winter/Plum Blossom Collection. From left to right: 16oz Flowering Plum A -PK (450元), 16oz Flowering Plum B- WT (450元), 14oz Winterly Symbol B- PK (400元), 14oz Winterly Symbol A- WT (400元) From left to right: 14oz Steadfast Symbol A- PK(420元), PL 16oz TW Winterly Symbol Commuter (400元), SS 12oz TW Flowering Plum SS CommuterRead More…

02Mar '14

Starbucks Sakura 2014 Collection: Asia

On February 25th, Starbucks Philippines released their spring collection. Of course, I was among the first ones in the stores when they opened. I was disappointed that not everything in the original collection is available here, as usual. I don’t know why they limit the designs, though, seeing that so many people buy them. This is my haul. I boughtRead More…

07Feb '14

Starbucks Sakura 2014: Japan (Preview)

It’s that time of the year again! As you all know, I am a HUGE fan of Starbucks’ Sakura series. It’s the start of my yearly tradition again: collecting tumblers! This year, Sakura series is set to be released on February 15th, just like last year’s. I am here to show you a preview of some of Japan’s merchandise, inludingRead More…