The Starbucks card was introduced only last year here in the Philippines. With its success, we’ve seen limited edition Christmas designs. Starting January 12th to February 24th, the Lunar New Year and the Valentine’s Day cards will be available for the usual 300-peso initial consumable credits. This is the second set of Starbucks card special designs. Of course, being the pink-lover that I am, I got the Valentine’s Day card.

The Valentine’s Day Starbucks card has various shades of pink, maroon and purple adorned with hearts. The perfect gift for ladies out there, I think. I do not adore the “Happy Valentine’s Day” print but I’d still use it at any time of the year.

The backside is hot pink, which is a perfect match to the Valentines tumbler I got almost a week ago.

16oz V-DAY Embossed Heart Tumbler (P1,095)

Did you know that this tumbler design also came in a white variant and was released last year as part of Japan’s valentines merchandise? It would have been a pity if I ordered one for a ridiculously marked-up price online, only to find the same one a year later, here in my own neighborhood. Anyway, this tumbler sold out pretty fast in the branch I frequent. When I came back today, they were all gone from the shelves.

Credits to the Starbucks Hong Kong Facebook page.

Anyway, since I am not the kind of person who can blatantly take photographs in public, I got this official image of the Valentine’s Day merch instead.

Better grab one now if you like them — and fast!

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