was inaccessible the past few days because my host is unprofessional and irresponsible and wouldn’t reply, and for that I apologize. The bandwidth actually exceeded its limit because the Starbucks collectors community is just that large and awesome. I am actually quite flattered.

Anyhow, if it still isn’t too late, here’s Korea’s Sakura/Cherry Blossom Collection this year. Most of the merchandise are actually the same as the rest of Asia’s, but they have more (as usual).

I think the ecard is prettier than the actual card~

Starbucks Korea Sakura Card 2015 | Starbucks Korea Sakura Ecard

They also have these pretty transparent coasters…

…and two muddlers (stirrers). The sphere at the end changes color in line with the liquid’s temperature.

Why don’t we have these all?! *weeps silently in a corner* Kidding! I have friends and contacts now, unlike last year. I think I might have a shot at completing the collection.

If you’re residing in Singapore, I have good news for you! You can try to get these items by asking Airfrov travellers for help by clicking here. Don’t forget to use the referral code pinkkei5 to get $5 off your purchase! Browse their website for more information on how it works. Airfrov will hold your payment until you receive the item, hence a peace of mind for all Starbucks lovers!

Any thoughts about this collection? What’s your favorite among them all?

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3 thoughts on “Starbucks Sakura 2015: Korea

  1. I love the muddlers and the coasters! I would kill to have them~ And the mugs are so pretty!!! I wish I had a contact there too. Good luck getting everything for your collection and thanks for sharing the pics!!! ^__^

  2. sigh~ why don’t we have that in Malaysia -.-
    i need new stuff fro starbux but nothing fancy is in store these days.. i need that pink sakura here! kekeke~

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