[UPDATE] Starbucks Japan released more pictures today (February 09, 2015)

キャラメリー さくら チョコレート ラテ (Caramelly Sakura Chocolate Latte) and キャラメリー さくら チョコレート フラペチーノ® (Caramelly Sakura Chocolate Frappuccino)

Everyone, here’s a first look at Starbucks Japan’s Sakura Series this year. Merchandise are planned to be released in two parts. You can see the soft, pale pinks and yellows on the first edition here, reminiscent of blossoms starting to bloom.

First Edition (February 15)
From left-right: Sakura Sleeve tumbler (¥1,600), Sakura mug white 430mL (¥1,600), Sakura Handy Stainless tumbler 480mL (¥4,200), Sakura mug pink 360mL (¥1,500), Sakura Handy Stainless tumbler 360mL (¥3,630)

Meanwhile, the strong pinks and reds on the second edition are just like the vividness of Sakura in full bloom.

Second Edition (February 27)
From left-right: Sakura tumbler 240mL (¥1,430), Sakura tumbler 350mL (¥1,530), Sakura Sunny bottle 500mL (¥2,100), Sakura Handy Stainless bottle 500mL (¥4,200), Sakura Handy Stainless bottle 350mL (¥3,630)

The first edition is to be released on February 15 (Sunday) and the latter on February 27 (Friday). Also, a limited edition Starbucks Discoveries® blend will be available in convenience stores nationwide (Japan) starting February 17.

Starbucks Discoveries® Sakura Latte with Strawberry (¥219)

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How do you like this year’s collection?

Photos: Starbucks Japan

6 thoughts on “Starbucks Sakura 2015: Japan (Preview)

  1. Hello! Your website is informative, and can I know that where I can buy these Starbucks Japan Sakura Mug? It is hard to find if I go there in Late March and Early April? Do you have any advice? thanks for your attention!

    1. Thank you, Elaine! You might still find some around late March, but I think all the good designs would be gone by then. The best time to go would be late February to early March (since there’s a February 27 release). Just try a less-frequented branch and you might be able to get them all – who knows! If there’s anything else you’d like to know, please feel free to ask.

  2. Hi~ Do you have pricing for the pink mug or the glass? I definitely have to get some of these!!! Thanks for sharing these pictures! ^_^

    1. Hi Ivy! Unfortunately, I don’t. They haven’t released any details about those two, only that the pink mug will be exclusively for their online store. Check back often as I will update here any new information. Hope this helped. Cheers!

      1. I will, thank you! I’m already having a friend keep an eye out for the two mugs but I can’t resist more mugs, especially when they have sakura on them~ thanks again for sharing!! ^_^

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