It’s that time of the year again! As you all know, I am a HUGE fan of Starbucks’ Sakura series. It’s the start of my yearly tradition again: collecting tumblers! This year, Sakura series is set to be released on February 15th, just like last year’s. I am here to show you a preview of some of Japan’s merchandise, inluding cards and beverages.

The 2014 Sakura series tumbler and mugs are in brighter colors, reminiscent of cherry blossoms in full bloom. This year’s motif seems to be of mosaics and petals. Here’s a closer look of some:

Sakura 2014 Tumbler 350mL/240mL (¥1,600/¥1,500)

Sakura 2014 Mosaic Tumbler 350mL (¥1,500)

Sakura 2014 Mug 270mL/390mL (¥1,200/¥1,300)

Also, check this out. The petals in the glass turn pink when you pour in cold water. I’ll get a couple of these. They’re really pretty.

Sakura 2014 Glass 350mL (¥1,000)

The Beverage Card and Starbucks Card’s designs also consist of mosaics and petals in shades of vibrant red and hot pink.

Sakura 2014 Beverage Card/Starbucks Card

Lastly, the featured drinks for this year are called “Sakura Chocolate Latte” and “Sakura Chocolate Frappucino.” These beverages are topped with strawberry-flavored shavings, still resembling petals.

I’m really stoked ’cause I will be in Japan later this month! I do have a faint idea what cherry blossom flavor tastes like but I really want to try it in a drink.

That’s about it. Will update you in a week!

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13 thoughts on “Starbucks Sakura 2014: Japan (Preview)

  1. I know how much you love pink! How I wish They also have blue edition. Hahaha.
    I like the glass! It’ looks like the sakura petals are floating. Hehe.

  2. I really really love the glass with the petals on it this year and how the perals change pink with cold water in it. Wonder if i could find it anywhere else or if someone wants to sell me one if they bought extra….

    1. Hi Sammie!

      Yes! The glass is so pretty.

      I’d want to help you get some, but I can’t. Unfortunately, they were sold out 5 minutes from the time of release online, and all were sold out from the stores before noon at 4 of the branches near our area—all while there’s a strong blizzard! I suggest you try eBay (if you don’t mind paying 10x the original price + shipping. I know, it’s ridiculous). I’ll try my luck again this week if they restock and let you know if I could get an extra! 🙂

      1. Thanks so much Kei for responding. Any luck ? This is my first year seeing this kind of sakura products and especially at starbucks. Unfortunately i don’t live in Japan otherwise i would have been there first thing the morning of Feb 15th. Thank you for sharing the info and now i know they have this beautiful limited edition annually. May i follow you on fb or instagram ?

  3. Hi Sammie! You’re welcome. I’m glad I am able to inform people about this coz they’re really beautiful! Unfortunately for us, the glasses were already sold out everywhere on the first day. 🙁

    We could perhaps talk about an arrangement and I could get the items you want for you in the future 😉

    Follow me on Instagram @keittycat and leave a message to let me know it’s you!

    1. Thanks Kei for the offer to arrange for the future collection. We can certainly chat about that.
      I’ve read your pinkaholic blog and love all the PINK stuff you own. I’m also a PINK person and love Sakura.
      I’ve requested to follow you on instagram and my name us “babylogan”. Looking forward to have more chats….

      1. Likewise! I’m so glad that I get to meet new “friends” through the common love for pink (and Sakura too!)

        So it was you! I’m so sorry I unfollowed you the first time. I already refollowed you! Just keep in touch ♥

    1. Hi Hazel! I’m so sorry, but my contacts in Japan couldn’t buy any more tumblers as they are quite busy now. I will start to sell Japan sakura tumblers by next year, so please watch out for it 🙂

    1. Hi Janet!

      I’m not sure what you mean by this; but, I’m sorry I don’t sell tumblers and they’re not available in stores anymore. You can purchase some on eBay, amazon etc or you can wait around February/March next year for a new set.

      Good luck!

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