This year, Korea had two Sakura product line releases. The first was on February 15th, which featured the products other Asian countries will be seeing/have seen. The second one came as a shock to me because they never had their own exclusive designs before. My feelings on Korea also releasing their own local Starbucks Sakura line is mixed. I am happy to have more products on the market, and just a tad bit mad that it could be really hard (and pricey!) to obtain them. Note that they also have the “Asian” release products. They’re so lucky! Anyway, here’s a look at their local line.

I prefer their tumbler designs over the ones in Japan and the rest of Asia. 🙁 They also have muddlers and coasters. I wish we had these too!

2014 Starbucks Cherry Blossom Floral Muddler

2014 Starbucks Pink Cold Cup Muddler

2014 Starbucks Cherry Blossom Floral Coaster/2014 Starbucks Cherry Blossom Round Coaster

The only thing I got from this collection is this Starbucks Card I ordered a week ago. It’s really pretty!

2014 Starbucks Sakura Card/2014 Starbucks Sakura E-card

I can’t provide actual pictures this time, since I can’t buy them. I have no connections there whatsoever.. which reminds me that I am looking for someone in Korea to tie-up with so that I can easily obtain these products and provide more information, or perhaps be business partners, or even for trading personally. Please reach me at if you are interested! 🙂

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  1. I too did not expect this collection but luckily u found out the night before so I was able to hit up my local starbucks in the morning. The collection was pretty much cleared off the shelves! The two thermos you posted above were released with the rest of the Asia collection 😉

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