Here are actual pics of Starbucks Sakura Japan 2014 Collection. Yesterday, amidst the bad weather, people still lined up to get themselves tumblers and mugs or just grab a cup of Sakura Chocolate latte.

Here’s a closer look of the ‘Stainless Create-your-own-tumbler Sakura’ tumbler:

It says “Doodle it.” because you can actually write something on the bordeaux-colored base behind the glass. To understand more, take a look at this image.

Here are two more tumblers:

The Sakura glass I’ve been raving about was unfortunately sold out in all 4 stores near our place since morning. It was also sold out from the online store some 5 minutes after the initial release. What’s worse is that you can find a lot being sold on eBay for ten times its original price. I am still disappointed that some people are hoarding these merchandises to sell them at ridiculously marked-up prices online. I’ll try to get those I missed, so, wish me luck!

I’ll make sure I will be the first in line next year. Even before their stores open.

4 thoughts on “Starbucks Sakura 2014 Collection: Japan

      1. Hi kei! Im fortunate to have one finally.. I got the mosaic one, thou i was really aiming for the doodle tumbler. Pls update me when will 2015 sakura japan be realese. 🙂 thanks!

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