On February 25th, Starbucks Philippines released their spring collection. Of course, I was among the first ones in the stores when they opened. I was disappointed that not everything in the original collection is available here, as usual. I don’t know why they limit the designs, though, seeing that so many people buy them.

This is my haul. I bought 10 out of the 12 designs. As you can see, they have a lot of mugs this year.

Spring Breeze Mug (P535.00)

Cherry Blossom Floating Mug (P595.00)

Cherry Blossom Floating Mug Wooden Coaster

Cherry Blossom Spring Mug (P795.00)

Cherry Blossom Floral Mug (P595.00)

Cherry Blossom SS Networker Pink Tumbler (P1,095.00)

Cherry Blossom Tumbler (P535.00)

Cherry Blossom SS Troy Pink Tumbler (P1,195.00)

Cherry Blossom SS Phinney Tumbler/Cherry Blossom SS Concord Tumbler (P1,095.00/P1,095.00)

If you follow me on other social media sites, you would have seen numerous blabs and whatnot about Starbucks; and for that, I apologize. The Starbucks Sakura season only comes once a year, afterall! ‘Til next year, love <3

11 thoughts on “Starbucks Sakura 2014 Collection: Asia

  1. I have been looking in vain for Cherry Blossom Tumbler (P535.00) and Cherry Blossom SS Troy Pink Tumbler (P1,195.00) but to no avail. Do you know of any Starbucks branches in Manila that still have these? I’m so desperate. Hehehehe.

    1. Hi! I am not so sure. Most branches still have them but some don’t. Can’t pinpoint exactly where but I suggest you try the less-frequented branches. Good luck! 🙂

      1. Thank you so much! Will try to go there but it will be a real challenge since I live in Antipolo. So far I’ve only had luck in getting the water bottle and it was the last one at that branch. I’ve tried around 12 branches already. 🙁 Anyway thanks so much for the tip. I also want the Korean versions. So pretty. 🙂

  2. do you mind telling me where did you buy this ?i cant find it from any website but yours . mind telling it to me ? from what country is that ??my girlfriend really want to have one and her birthday is getting near . Cherry Blossom SS Phinney Tumbler.

    1. Hi Kit!

      This collection is from 2014, that’s why you won’t be able to buy them in-stores anymore. It was available in the Philippines, Korea, Thailand, Hongkong, Singapore, and Malaysia as part of their Cherry Blossom collection. There is a new collection out now (until supplies last) in the vast majority of the countries I mentioned. However, that exact Phinney tumbler is not part of the 2015 collection anymore. You could try eBay. I wish you luck in finding one.

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