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We’ve got lots of pretty pinks in this year’s summer collection from Starbucks Korea.

Logo Cream Mug (355mL)

Logo Cream Demitasse (89mL)

Logo Pink Cold Cup (473mL) / Logo Iced Cold Cup (591mL)

Logo Pink Coaster/Pink Cold Cup Muddler/Logo Iced Coaster/Iced Cold Cup Muddler

I’m noticing a sudden surge in the popularity of the Sunny Bottle lately. They sure know their market!

Pink Sunny Bottle/Yellow Sunny Bottle/Logo Summer Charm Tumbler

Logo Iced Coffee Mug/Siren Logo Americano Thermos JNL-750/SS Oceanus Brown Tumbler/SS Concord Gradient Tumbler/SS Slenderness Summer Tumbler

I got all the pink ones (of course) with the help of a friend. How do you like this year’s summer collection?

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