We’re seeing lots of blues (and greens) in Starbucks Korea’s 2nd Summer collection released today (06.09.15). Some of the merchandise were also released elsewhere, but most are exclusive to the Korean market, like their annual Moby Dick collection. Check them out below.

Textile Double Mug/ Asymmetry Mug/ SS Gradient Blue Cold Cup/ Faceted Gradient Cold Cup/ SS Troy Hobnail Tumbler/ SS Troy Hammered Blue Tumbler

Products below are all Korea exclusives.

2015 Summer Crosby Tumbler(473mL)/ 2015 Summer Mug (355mL)

2015 Gradient Blue Cold Cup/ Summer Sunny Silver Water Bottle/ Seaside Vacation Sunny Bottle/ Siren Thermos Bottle/ Siren Frosted Glass

SS 2015 Summer Blue Concord Tumbler/ SS Commuter Sky Blue Tumbler/ SS Double Wall Siren Water Bottle / Victorville Water Bottle/ Siren Blue Thermos Bottle

Moby Dick: Siren Whale Mug and Demitasse/ SS Summer Elma Whale Tumbler/ Splashing Whale Cold Cup/ 2015 Summer Whale Charm Tumbler/ SS 2015 Summer Troy Whale Tumbler

There was only one pink item in the bunch, so I can’t say I’m too keen on this collection. What do you think?

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