Left to right: Floating Petal Tumbler LL (8oz), Peach Blossom Tumbler SLL (12oz), Peach Blossom Mug (12oz), Peach Scent Mug (12oz)

Left to right: Decent of Season Mug (12oz), Crosby Fragrance Tumbler (16oz), Lovely Embrace Mug To Go Sleeve (8oz), Lovely Embrace Mug To Go Sleeve (12oz)

Left to right: Peach Melody Stainless Steel Tumbler (12oz), Lucy Band Peach Glamor Stainless Steel Tumbler (12oz), Networker Desktop Peach Melody Tumbler (12oz)

Photos: Starbucks China

One thought on “Starbucks China Peach Blossom 2015

  1. Thanks for posting I saw these on Instagram but had no idea they were China exclusive. I may be able to get one of the stainless steel ones since I’m missing that type from my collection but I’m keeping my options open for the rest of the Sakura collection.

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