I still don’t have a stable net connection at home so today, I decided to give SmartBro Rocket Chic a try. I was never really a fan of broadband sticks because I know how slow they can get and that pisses me off. However, I did some research on this one and I heard it reaches speeds of up to 12mbps. That is pretty darn fast considering the speed of the internet here in the Philippines. I went to Smart and purchased a set. It costs P2,345. Unfortunately, it can’t be used for unlimited surfing. You are charged 10 pesos for every 15 minutes of use.

It has a hot pink metal finish to it. Very chic, indeed!

It may not be the fastest connection out there, but hey, you’ll never know when you might suddenly need it. It’s limited edition so get yours now: http://store.smart.com.ph/st/catalog/53/

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