Sources say that Samsung is releasing the Galaxy Note 5 in two new shades: “Pink Gold” and Silver Titanium. Of course the biased media is trying to make it look like Samsung is copying the popular rose gold iPhone 6s, but I beg to differ. Just so you know: Samsung Galaxy Note, Note 2, 3, and 4 ALL have pink versions — some of which were “announced” later than the other colors. And, considering that the Galaxy Note 5 range IS metallic, I don’t see why a “rose gold” hue is deemed unoriginal (they had it on their Galaxy S4s, FYI). I just hate how media is making a huge deal out of this and now Apple fans are quick into dubbing Samsung a copycat. Aren’t they all?

The “pink gold” Note 5 will only be available in a 64GB version (Titanium Silver will be available in both 32GB and 64GB) and is only available in South Korea as of this moment. Samsung said that it is looking into making these colors available in other Asian markets soon.

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