Have you ever had the dilemma of having low battery in times of need? Mobile data eats up a lot battery, especially in heavy smartphone users. Or sometimes we simply just forget to recharge our phones. I myself always run out of battery in the middle of the day because I always have mobile data turned on.

I have been meaning to buy a powerbank (even before it started to get mainstreamed) but I abandoned my search when all I could find were cheap, plastic ones. I started looking for one again a few months back and I found this one and really liked it. But (surprise, surprise) it was not available here, until I recently tried my luck again and found out that we already have distributors here so I got myself one the other day, of course, in pink.

Probox Sanyo Powerbank in Pearl Pink (P3,799)

There are actually a lot of other lovely colors like blues and neutrals, just to name a few. I liked the baby blue and the purple too. The box includes 5 connectors and a matching suede pouch freebie.

Not all power banks have an indicator. Luckily, this has one. I am not sure though as to how many charge cycles can 7800 mAh do, but I’m hoping I could get a 2 or 3 for my phone, or even just enough to re-charge both my phone and iPods for the day.

Take a closer look. I think the metallic finish is an eye candy

How about you? Do you often run out of battery in the middle of the day? Do you own a powerbank? Do you find it really useful?

4 thoughts on “Probox Pearl Pink Powerbank

  1. Such an eye candy! And the color is just too cute! But I heard that 7000++mAh can just do one and a half full cycle. Dapat yata higher pa! Hehe! Although this one’s such a cutiepie, it’s kinda expensive for 7000mAh, I think hehe 😀

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