Starbucks Sakura 2015: Asia

By | February 25, 2015

It was a fairly large haul yesterday. My best friend, who also happens to be collecting tumblers, and I got 9 items (not pictured: items this and this). I’ll be showing a closer look on the items I got.

12oz Watercolor Sakura Tumbler (₱595)

Pretty Sakura cutouts

12oz Sakura Mug with Flower Tea Tie (₱625)

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Starbucks Sakura 2015: Asia (Preview)

By | February 25, 2015

Our beloved Sakura collection returns in full bloom.

Release dates:

Singapore and Philippines – February 24
Taiwan – February 26

Photos: Starbucks Singapore

Starbucks Sakura 2015: Japan (February 15th Release)

By | February 20, 2015

So I almost completed this year’s collection. Had to have a bit of a restraint because there are four, yes FOUR, more collections I have to get.

Sakura Handy Stainless tumbler 480mL (¥4,200), Sakura Handy Stainless tumbler 360mL (¥3,630)

Stainless Create-your-tumbler Sakura (¥2,570)

Here’s my favorite! This tumbler has a mini snowglobe at the bottom full of Sakura petals.

Snowdome Sakura Tumbler (¥1,700)

Sakura mug white 430mL (¥1,600), Sakura mug pink 360mL (¥1,500)

Sakura Sleeve tumbler (¥1,600)

Sakura Glass 360mL (¥1,000)

I can say I am not too keen on this particular collection probably because I’ve never pictured Sakura associated with the color yellow below. It is a refreshing change though. Needless to say, the collection still proved to be popular because nearly everything (except the sleeve tumbler) was sold out on the first day.

Stay tuned for the second release on the 27th! I’m getting a few, I think. ;)