In celebration of the 2014 cherry blossom season, American fast food giant, McDonald’s has released a limited edition hamburger yesterday for the Japanese market called the Sakura Teritama.

The hamburger features a teriyaki pork patty with a fried tamago, lettuce, sakura radish mayo sauce and topped with a pink sesame bun.

In addition to the spring-inspired hamburger, McDonald’s Japan also served limited edition beverages called the Sakura Cherry McFizz and the Sakura Cherry McFloat starting March 14. The drink consists of carbonated drink with cherry-flavored syrup.

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Also, for the real spring feel, one of their stores near our place looked like this.

This is the Sakura Teritama. I don’t want to show what the burger looked like because honestly, it was far more uninviting than those shown in the ads, but it was good nonetheless. And yes, the buns were pink. Because where else in the world would you find a burger with floral sauce and pink buns?

You can still get your taste of the Sakura Teritama (if you’re in Japan) until March 23.

2 thoughts on “McDonald’s celebrates spring in Japan

  1. Wow! They even have cherry float! Oh well, di ako maiinggit this time since may blue float and Mcdo hahaha pero di ko gusto lasa haha Ang cute, pati yung buns, pink! 🙂

    Parang ang sarap ng spring sa Japan. Gusto ko talaga makita cherry blossoms huhu

    Sometimes I really wonder how Mcdo food taste like in other countries. Iba-iba menu depende sa bansa diba? Hehe.

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