Last July, I finally became a member in Elorde Boxing Gym in their Taft branch. I have wanted to try boxing for so long. I was eager especially when I started gaining weight! I found a friend who’s willing to go with me and that may just be the motivation I needed. Instead of just boxing, we did Muay Thai.

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The first few weeks went without hitch. I trained 3-4x a week. However, I had some issues with the trainers in Elorde. I found them too unprofessional. There’s this particular trainer who’d call me even in the wee hours of the night and even tell me “he misses me” when I skip a session. It really made me uncomfortable since having a trainer at the gym means that you have to be close to them (physically). Think: The whole body stretching and massages after workout. I cringe when I think of all those and the touching (which I thought were completely routine). He definitely crossed the line. >:(

If I find a new gym, I’d start again. And I do hope trainers at the other Elorde boxing gyms aren’t like the one/s I encountered. Elorde is the most prestigious name when it comes to boxing and I am really disappointed in my experience.

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