Every February, Starbucks Japan releases its line of spring time products they call the “Sakura Series”. Seen from the official Starbucks Japan website is the preview of the products in store for us. The Sakura Series will be released February 15th this year, right after Valentine’s Day. Excting isn’t it?

Sakura BeveragesSeen here are the Sakura beverages. In this year’s line of Sakura beverages, they opted for the classic White Chocolate with a Cherry blossom twist. Made with real Sakura flowers and leaves, that slight hint of flavor will surely be new to our tastebuds. The Sakura White Chocolate beverage line cups will be decorated with Sakura petals and sprinkled with pale pink chocolate shavings, which represent more petals. Pretty!

Food will include the Sakura chiffon cake (pictured on the right), Sakura macarons and Sakura cookies —these all sound really delish! yum

I have tried Sakura-flavored food before and I can say that it has a pretty unique flavor that I love.

And finally, what I (and all the collectors and enthusiasts out there) wait for every spring: the Sakura tumblers. This year’s line is looking good. Have a look:

I can see new products, like the Sakura bottle case, the Design-your-own tumbler (last tumbler to the right) and that Sakura mini tote. Can’t wait to get my hands on these and hopefully, I get the stainless ones (not pictured), too! I’ll give you an update on the 15th.

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  1. Kei! This is dated January 30 pa. Hahaha. Update ka na ng blog mo. 🙂 I’ve read on your tweet you even renewed your domains pa. hehe. Ang adik mo talaga sa pink noh? Kung gano ako kaadik sa blue, ganun ka sa pink. Hehe. Pati limited edition pink series ng SB, go ka. Haha. You haven’t updated about the tumbler. Sabi mo on the 15th. Hehe.

    Anyway, I tagged you on my post pala: http://petitegurl.com/missing-the-old-blogosphere Para may mapost ka dito hehehe I miss reading your blog 🙂

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