02Feb '16

Starbucks Sakura 2016: Japan (Preview)

It was announced today that the Sakura Series 2016 will start on February 15th (Monday) in Japan. Second part (another set of merchandise) will be on March 1st. First Part: “Sakura Serene” Sales Period: February 15 2016 – mid-April (or until supplies last) L-R: Sakura Handy Stainless Tumbler 480mL (¥4,400), Sakura Handy Stainless Tumbler 480mL (¥4,000), Sakura Stainless SUnny BottleRead More…

26Jan '16

Starbucks Sakura 2016: Taiwan

Hear ye hear ye! Here’s a preview of the 2016 Sakura Collection from Taiwan to be released on February 24th and March 3rd (see below) this year. There’s a good chance the rest of us in the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Korea, Hong Kong etc. will get these ones, too! Loving these first few ones here. These speak nothing butRead More…

26Jan '16

Starbucks China Peach Blossom 2016

Starbucks China exclusive Peach/Plum Blossom/CNY Collection 2016. Release date: January 18,2016 Photos: Starbucks China

13Jan '16

Starbucks Valentine’s Day 2016: USA/Europe/Asia

Most of these items are available throughout USA and Asia. Please check with your local Starbucks on the availability as it differs depending on the region/country.

08Jan '16

Starbucks Valentine’s Day Collection 2016: Japan

Starbucks Japan Valentines/Winter Promotion (Release on Wednesday, January 13, 2016) ウィンター ステンレスボトルピンク/ホワイト Winter Stainless Bottle Pink/White (350mL) | ウィンター ストライプマグピンク Winter Stripe Mug Pink (260mL) | ウィンター ホワイトハートマグ Winter White Mug (390mL) ウィンター スタッキングマグセット Winter Stacking Mug Set | **ウィンター ペンシルストライプマグ Winter Pencil Stripe Mug (380mL) | **ウィンター LOVEアイコンマグ Winter LOVE Icon Mug (410mL) **these items are Online Store exclusiveRead More…

22Oct '15
Galaxy Note 5 Pink Gold FI

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 in “Pink Gold”

Sources say that Samsung is releasing the Galaxy Note 5 in two new shades: “Pink Gold” and Silver Titanium. Of course the biased media is trying to make it look like Samsung is copying the popular rose gold iPhone 6s, but I beg to differ. Just so you know: Samsung Galaxy Note, Note 2, 3, and 4 ALL have pinkRead More…